45 King Genesis NFT Collection

45 King is diving into web3 & NFTs.  Bringing his fans his story, unique physical pieces from throughout his career, and even new music to solidify his legacy on the Blockchain.


The 45 King, is an American hip hop record producer and disc jockey from The Bronx borough of New York City. James began DJing in The Bronx, in 1976. His pseudonym, the 45 King, came from his ability to skillfully DJ using 45 RPM records.

The 45 King first gained fame with his breakbeat track “The 900 Number” in 1988. The song featured a looping of a baritone sax solo from Marva Whitney’s “Unwind Yourself” (1968). The 45 King signed with Tuff City Records that year and was given a production deal. “The 900 Number” remains his signature work, having been resampled by many artists. He was also featured on the 1989 Hustlers Convention album on the UK label Music of Life, which is considered by many to be one of hip-hop’s earlier live albums.

Using his popularity from the previous release, the 45 King was able to help the other members of his crew, dubbed the Flavor Unit, which featured many well-known hip-hop acts including Chill Rob G, Lakim Shabazz, Apache, and Queen Latifah. The 45 King’s big break came when Queen Latifah signed with Tommy Boy Records in 1989 and released the album All Hail the Queen. The 45 King did extensive production on this album, and it is considered by critics to be among his best production work. Over the next few years, many other Flavor Unit members also signed with Tommy Boy, and the 45 King frequently contributed to their albums with his productions.


Original collectible designs inspired by the mind of 45 King and Visual Artist Paul Pistachio.

Future drops will include physical and digital items including vinyl, 45 King Merch, and more.

Holders are eligible for future airdrops, merch discounts, exclusive beats, and more.

#1 45 Candle – is 45 King’s true genesis piece.  After spending some time in the community and wrapping his head around NFTs, Web3, and everything that is starting to happen in the space, we created the 45 Candle.  The 45 Candle features a derivative of his iconic track, “900 Number”, with cuts from his friend and our unofficial Hip-Hop historian, Thick Crates.

#2 The Turntable – The first of two open editions.  These open editions are representative of the tools of the trade and foreshadowing of what’s to come from the world of 45 King NFTS.  For some of the future NFT Drops, you will need to own one of the two open editions.  

#3 The Hamper – This iconic piece highlights one of the iconic symbols of a 45 King Session.  Throughout his early day’s DJing, 45 king could be seen tossing 45s into the hamper after he had finished with them.  The hamper became a staple of a proper 45 king set.

#4 The Turntable #2 – The second of two open editions.  These open editions are representative of the tools of the trade and foreshadowing of what’s to come from the world of 45 King NFTS.  The special edition highlights some of Mark’s iconic vinyl releases.  For some of the future NFT Drops, you will need to own one of the two open editions.




3rd generation music industry, Hakim Draper was born in New York City, the son of acclaimed Jazz Composer and Musician, Ray Draper (John Coltrane, Max Roach, Jackie McClean). Hakim grew up in recording studios immersed in the business of composition, songwriting, recording contracts, publishing, and copyrights. Hakim studied Computer Science and remains on the cutting edge of technology, artist development, and fan engagement. Hakim has also earned a reputation as a staunch advocate for artists’ rights having helped lead lobbying efforts for fairer artist rights and fighting on behalf of creators for more transparency and fairness in the music industry. Hakim has also served as an executive for Warner Music Group, Agile Software, and Ariba Technologies and has been recognized as an expert on IP and Copyright Laws & Applications by the U.S. Copyright Office.

David grew up spending time in his mother’s art gallery (Mid Day gallery in Glen Cove). That early exposure along with experience at the Dublin Rosenberg Gallery in Great Neck helped to shape his background and appreciation of fine arts. David started his music career working with some of the biggest reggae artists of all time including such greats as Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, and Dennis Brown, and was the co-founder of the most influential studio in hip-hop history called D&D studio. D&D Records, an independent record label with Major distribution was born out of this partnership. Jay-Z called D&D Studios the mecca. David has been a lifelong collector of art, his personal collection is substantial and includes Andy Warhol, James Rosenquist, Keith Haring, and Jerry Garcia to name a few. Passion and appreciation are the common thread through his successful experiences in Fine Art, Recorded Music, and any other creative endeavor that he tackles.

21 years of visual imaging/development, including experience with Concept Art and Character Design Art, Three-dimensional Character Modeling, Character Animation, Bone Rigging and Body Movement, Animated World Designer for Full Background Scenes, and Green Screening, 360 Degree Virtual World designer for Virtual Reality (VR), Video Compositing and Editor. Not one to limit his creativity, Paul is also an accomplished music producer whose credits include Luis Vega, Nice & Smooth, Style Skillz, and Soundtrack music for the Peter Spirer film Beef which starred Ving Rhames & 50 Cent.

Thick Crates was born in Washington DC and is a close friend and frequent collaborator with the 45 King. He has worked for 45 King Records in multiple capacities since 2017, most notably in managing vinyl manufacturing. Crates was first introduced to hip hop in the late 80s and began his path in the mid-90s. Paul is our own personal Hip-Hop encyclopedia, with a breadth of knowledge that often goes deeper than the stories into the facts & circumstances. He is currently the moderator for The D&D Studios Lounge, Executive Producer and resident DJ for Rap Snacks Radio in the Bay Area, and a DJ at the Soul Power party in Denver, Colorado.